The mission of “Aldent” University is to prepare the prominent dentists with theoretical knowledge and practical skills able to withstand the constantly increasing requirements of our medical system in general and dentistry in particular. Read More>>

Mission and goals of the study program “Integrated Master of Science in Pharmacy”. The mission of the University “ALDENT” is to prepare pharmacists with prominent theoretical – practical formation , able to cope with the ever increasing requirements of our medical system in general and pharmaceuticals in particular. Read more>>

Acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge on basic sciences, humanities and professional.Coping with different models  and concepts, their benefits and limitations in various settings, as well as various professional models.Identification of professional and personal values. Read More>>

Preparation of professionals in physiotherapy, with knowledge of  professional theoretical and practical competences, able to work in the rehabilitation sector, in accordance with the norms prescribed by the European Community. Read more >>

The mission of “ALDENT” University is to prepare senior dental technician  with prominent professional skills able to answer the ever increasing demands of our patients and dentists.   Ongoing relationship with many known national and international professions is intended to create optimal conditions for students aiming... Read more>>

The objective of this program is to prepare a new, advanced and capable generation of medical laboratory technicians to correspond to the present needs.The development of contemporary curricula and especially the creation of the maximal conditions needed for the theoretical and practical realization is our main objective. Read more>>

Greeting message!

         Prof. Asc. Dr. Agron Meto

 Dear Students!    

This upcoming October, Aldent University commences its fourteen year of operation. Aldent University began teaching and granting degrees in Dental Laboratory Technician program as a Higher Education Institution for the first time in the 2003-2004 academic year. During this time, although not too long for the activity of a university, we have made progress that even most promising optimists found it difficult to predict. From 70 students in the first year, Aldent University today counts around 1250 students. From one study program, today we count 8 study programs in 5 main concentrations such as pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy and dental laboratory. The first year employed about 7 employees,today Aldent University staffs around 80 people internally and 40 people externally. From two labs that were available in 2003, Aldent University today has 28 functional laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment. From 500 m2 available to students in the first academic year, Aldent University today counts about 8700 m2 in university service, which currently operates in 3 very modern buildings in the center of Tirana. Read more…

Aldent University

 ALDENT is a university specialized only in the medical field. This makes it possible to offer our students special attention and adequate space.

The teaching staff consists of the best specialists in relevant fields, most of who have specialized in Italy, Germany, and U.S. etc.

The University is very well equipped with laboratories and it has available and appropriate means of teaching practical skills

This University provides the ideal conditions for theoretical and practical learning. Stomatology students and Dental Technicians perform all types of works in the laboratory and in patients. Students of Pharmacy, Nursing and Physiotherapy, in addition to practicing in school laboratories, pursue internships in pharmacies and hospitals in Tirana. The school curriculum is implemented based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration and offers similar programs to those of the well-recognized universities in all European countries and America.To serve this purpose we have harnessed the extensive experience of the teaching staff… Read more

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